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Press  Contact:   Amir Forester ,        amir@foresterpublicrelations.com     The  National  Radio Hall   of Fame  Creates  “ One to Watch ”   Recognit i on  Awa rd     Westwood One ’ s  Ben  Shapiro First to Rec eive     LOS ANGEL E S ,  November 1 4 , 2018   –   Radio Legend Art Laboe,  the active radio performer with the  longest continuous period of  service   on air for 75 years   and  a  201 2 National Rad io Hall of Fame  Induc te e ,   i s   the i nsp iration behind the  NRHOF ’ s  creation of  a special  recognition award .  The  “ One to  Watch ”   recognition  award will  annually  go to  a  promising  radi o personalit y   who ha s   de monstrated  ratings success,   audience growth and impact to on e  or more radio stat i ons an d the communities in  which  he or she   work s   in .    This year, t he NRHOF Nominating  committee  chose   Westwood One ’ s Ben  Shap iro .       Shapiro is a voice for conservative millennials  who covers   America ’ s m ost powerful political  personalit ie s.    A successful   d a ily  p o dcaster   with  15  m illion downloads each month, Shapiro  now  distributes his podcast as a radio program on   more t han   60 stations .  I n January   2019 ,   he ’ ll launch a  live  two - hour radio prog ram  nationwi de .     Cha irman of   the NR HOF Kraig  T.  Kitchin states,   “ W e want ed to  commemorate   the   lo ngevity  and success of Art   Laboe ’ s career   and thought creating an opport unity to rec ognize our   ri si ng stars   in  hi s honor was the pe rfect way to do   it.  We ’ re proud to s elect Ben Shap iro as  our f irst  ‘ One to  Watch ’ . ”        About  A rt Lab oe   Ar t Laboe   started his radio career on K SAN in 1943 and still broadcasts live six nights a week.  H e ’ s   responsible  for many “firsts” in the radio and record busines s.     He w as the first  DJ   t o play Rock  n ’   Roll on the West Coast  airwaves, one of the   first  to play both black and white artists and the first  to have an “Elvis Hour . ”    When  E lvis  a nd  th e Colonel   came to Hollywood, it was  L aboe  who   got the first and only rad io interview.         Laboe was also the first to  feature hits by different artists   on   a   compil ation album ,  Oldies But Goodies , which  was released by  his   company, Original Soun d   Record   Co mpa ny, Inc.    It  stayed on Billboard’s Top 100 LP’s chart  for over three ye ars   and the  series has since expanded to 15 volumes.    And he ’ s responsible for coin i ng the   phrase and has the registered tra demark for  Oldies But Goodies™ .


      ”Thank-you, National Hall of Fame, for this great honor”  ~ Ralph Emery 

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