Uecker is still on the top ten list for most passed balls in a season by a catcher. He once

joked that the best way to catch a knuckleball was to wait until it stopped rolling and pick it


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Bob Uecker

Known affectionately as “Mr.Baseball,” Bob Uecker began his radio career in 1971. Uecker, “the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers” since 1978, is the first former- player-turned- broadcaster to be inducted into The Radio Hall of Fame. Growing up in Milwaukee, Uecker attended what is now Milwaukee Tech High School. After spending time in the army, he signed with the Milwaukee Braves to play minor league baseball. Uecker spent six seasons in the major leagues with the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Philadelphia Phillies. In 1971, Uecker was hired by the Brewers to provide color commentary alongside announcers Merle Harmon and Tom Collins. One day Uecker was left to do play-by-play coverage and his talent could not be denied. Uecker’s national reputation grew when he was hired by ABC to cover Monday Night Baseball, the League Championship Series, and the World Series. Uecker also worked with Bob Costas on NBC playoff baseball broadcasts. In addition to Uecker’s baseball exposure, he was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show. He has also appeared as a spokesman for Miller Lite Beer, a co-star of ABC Television’s Mr. Belvedere and in two films - Major League and Major League II. Bob Uecker was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2001.


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Known affectionately as “Mr.Baseball,” Bob Uecker began his radio career in 1971.
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