On 16 March 1945, at 1500 Hours, near Saarbrücken, Germany, Private Cain was the only one of a

group of fifteen men sent to obtain information and determine enemy strength in the Siegfried Line,

who was not a casualty in the machine-gun trap sprung on them.

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Jess Cain

Born in Philadelphia, Jess Cain became a radio legend for his 34 years as the “morning man” at WHDH/Boston. Before beginning his career on the air, however, Cain had already lived an extraordinary life. Drafted immediately after his high school graduation, Cain was awarded the Silver Star serving under the legendary Audie Murphy during World War II. After returning stateside, he left school a month before earning his college degree to pursue acting in New York City, making appearances on both stage and television. While teaching communications at Notre Dame, Cain made the decision to move to Boston in 1957 where he landed a job at WHDH, where he stayed until his retirement in 1991. Cain was beloved across New England for his ability to find humor in everyday moments. He combined wit and charm with the deft use of sound effects, impressions, and song parodies to entertain his hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners. Jess Cain died on February 14, 2008. Jess Cain was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2008.


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Jess Cain became a radio legend for his 34 years as the “morning man” at WHDH/Boston.  
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